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Friday, May 10, 2013

New Supia Doll - Muriel

Image property of Supia
Supia announced the release of a new Elf-Type doll today, and she is absolutely gorgeous! Muriel will have be able to switch between human and elf ears, and SHE IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN TAN!

Muriel is an SD-sized girl and is available for purchase on either the old Supia body, or their new double-jointed body. 

Muriel starts at just $490.00 before extras.

Goodness gracious - she's just too pretty!

Check her out here!

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  1. She's lovely! I'm been stalking Supia Dolls for a while now--I love their tan color, and have been eyeing their dolls quite seriously. :) We need to finish our next book... ;)


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