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Friday, May 3, 2013

Too much cute!

So I am trying to be a good person and save up money for IFDC, but then this nonsense happens:
Iplehouse's PID Twinky

...Thanks Iplehouse, thanks.

What am I supposed to do with this...NOT buy her? How?!

Iplehouse released a new line of dolls referred to as the "Pixxie Doll" line, and they are all disproportionate darlings.

Which brings me to my next point:
I am obsessed with big-headed dolls right now.

XagaDoll Miki

XagaDoll has also been very unkind to my wallet.

Xaga is a smaller Chinese company that makes beautiful dolls that easily stand up to some of the more pronounced doll companies.

One of Xaga's newest lines, the Red Obsidian Series, includes two 27cm girls - Miki and Kimi. They are ridiculously cute anime-inspired tinies.

In addition to their stylized faces, they have extremely stylized bodies. There are both flat and large-chested versions of the body - which has little hearts on the joints! How. Freaking. Cute.

SQ Lab, famous for their anime-style resin heads is also making a new to-die-for tiny line.

Their new and improved 26.5cm KSG-ac body is comparable in size to Yo-SDs, and has lots of room for customization. In addition, SQ Lab has released two tiny-sized sculpts of three of their most popular characters - Moe, Ren, and Tsubaki.

To say that I am dying to own a Chibi Moe would be an understatement! Just look at that adorable little snaggle-tooth!

SQ Lab's Chibi-Moe

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  1. Cripes. You'd think it would at least be safe to check my own blog in the mornings! :)


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