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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New articulated monthly fairies from Peak's Woods and special!

Moonie Monthly Fairy
A new special and announcement from Peak's Woods: Brand new articulated bodies have been released for Peak's Woods tiny (only about 10 cm--so cute!) Monthly Fairies, formerly only articulated at the neck. Plus, there are twelve! Check out this announcement for the special. This special is going on from May 7 through June 7, 2013.
  • Buy five Monthly Fairies, get one of your choice for free!
  • Buy ten Monthly Fairies, get two of your choice for free!
  • Buy all twelve Monthly Fairies, get one fairy of fairytales (white skin, girl body, no makeup) of your choice, for free!
Peak's Woods will also send a monthly fairy and a birthday or special occasion hand-written card to your loved one, as you request.

For each Monthly Fairy purchased, part of the proceeds will be donated to Greenpeace.

Fiona Monthly Fairy
Additionally, several new hand parts (victory, scissor and fist/rock hands) have also been released.

I'm just so excited to see real Peak's Woods teeny tiny dolls! Wow--and what a special!

Here's the low-down of how these babies are priced:

Basic dolls start at $110. It looks like the each Monthly Fairy is white resin, and you don't get to choose the skin tone. Random eyes are included--and it looks like most include a pair of 8mm eyes. Basic dolls are bald with a smooth head-cap, with wigs available separately. 

Several options are available as well. Make-up is an additional $20. You can choose whichever head cap you like for $20-25. Painting the head cap is an additional $5. (I think sometimes the painting is included for some of the head caps.) Additional hands are $10 per pair.

Bow Jiang Monthly Fairy
There are seven different wigs available, most for $15, one for $17. These guys wear a size 3/4, or the same size as PukiPuki. Additionally, Peak's Woods is offering all twelve tiny outfits available, for $30 per set. The sets for girls include a dress, cape, hat and leggings. For boys, they include overalls, cape, hat and leg warmers. I wonder if these would fit PukiPuki, as well!


Height : 9.8~10cm
Eye size : 8mm
Circumference of head : 3.8 (inch) 
Width of shoulders : 2.2cm
Length of arm (without hand) : 3cm
Length of leg (without foot) : 3.5cm
Circumference of chest : 4.5cm
Circumference of waist : 5.7cm
Circumference of hips : 6cm
Length of foot : 1.4

Months and themes:

January - ShuShu - sun cap $20
February - Moonie - moon cap $20
March - Shooting Star - star cap $20
April - Cloonie Coon - cloud cap $20
May - Wingky - wind cap $20
June - Coco Rain - rain drop cap $20
July - Woody - wood cap $20
August - Fiona - flower cap $25, including paint
September - Bow Jiang - rainbow cap $25 including paint
October - Leonardo - thundercloud cap $20
November - Fiyah - fire head cap $20
December - Sugar Powder - snowflake cap $20

Snow Powder Monthly Fairy
All photos are property of Peak's Woods.

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