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Friday, May 17, 2013

Nico's girls.

He loves his girls. by alington
He loves his girls., a photo by alington on Flickr.
This is Nico Pea, one of our sneaky kitties. It seems doll collecting goes hand-in-hand with cat collecting. We have four cats (and four kids, too). Nico is such a handsome, sleek boy. I usually love when the cats get involved in my photo shoots, though this one ended in disaster.

Chanel, who is not in this photo, had a serious case of the rubbies. During this photo shoot, she was rubbing all over my legs, the coffee table, and so on. I tried to get those rubbies out, but nothing I did was enough.

The girls usually spend their time behind glass, so the cats love to sniff them when they come out for photos. Chanel decided to rub against them, and my usually lightning-fast reflexes weren't fast enough. She knocked both dolls over--and Yur (on the right) fell right on her face on the wood floor!

Yur's face-up is chipped--right on her nose. I think her nose feels a chipped, too. I was so upset. Not at the cat--since she was just being a cat--mostly because I hadn't planned very well.

My lesson: put down a soft cloth or towel when working on the floor, suck it up, and use a zoom lens. (Like that's ever going to happen.) Brush the cat before the photo shoot.

Ugh. What a mess!


  1. Oh no! Poor Yur! :(
    Even with a chipped nose, though, she's still beautiful-- they both are :). Sigh... I've been drooling over Iplehouse's (Iple House? Is it two words?) dolls since I first discovered BJDs, but they're so far out of my price range that it isn't even funny. :(
    I did get a Goodreau Privera doll from ebay, though, and she's really cute! Her eye putty's really crumbly and dry, though. Can I moisten it with a bit of water to make it more pliable, or should I just discard it and use the silicone earplugs instead?

    --Anonymous :)
    P.S. I love your photography! Your pictures are always so crisp and well-lit. :)

  2. Oh--Iplehouse. That company is going to truly be the death of me. I've never really been interested in realistic sculpt... until Iplehouse. And then, I'd never really looked at hunky man sculpts... until their most recent guy, Rex. Holy crap, he's cute. But really--price range... all BJDs are expensive. And I believe they too offer lay-away. And possibly, with a smaller size, or just with a huge long term savings plan--I think you could probably swing it. It's totally worth it, in the end. I think we all eventually end up with our "dream sculpts" anyway. It just takes a little longer for some. :)

    Privera is fantastic! She is great--does yours have the interchangeable ears? She's a little hard to find sometimes, I think she was a smaller edition size than some of the other Goodreau dolls. And so adorable. If the putty has gotten to the point of crumbling--if you're planning on just glass or acrylic eyes in her, I'd say throw the old stuff away and switch to silicone. Sometimes, you can just knead it and it will become more pliable, and maybe adding water would help--but if it gets too wet, it might loosen the glue that holds the eyelashes on, and then you'd have to replace them. Probably not worth the hassle!

    Just don't use silicone with silicone or "soft glass" eyes, since the ear plugs will make those sorts of eyes cloudy.


    And thanks for the nice props on my photos. My Dh's camera is really nice, and we have a nice well-lit front room. It helps a lot. :) At least when I'm not shaking uncontrollably because my doll just chipped, LOL! :)


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